Countertop Installation in Garland

When Garland commercial and residential property owners need flawless countertop installation and reliable services, they turn to Haynes Remodeling. Our skilled countertop installation contractors are professionally trained, licensed, and certified craftsmen with the industry knowledge and expertise to transform drab, outdated countertops into gorgeous surfaces.  

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Haynes Remodeling: In-Demand Countertop Contractors

Responsible countertop contractors know worksite safety is paramount. Countertops are made from heavy and unwieldy materials that, when incorrectly managed, can break or cause physical injury and property damage. Haynes Remodeling is not only insured for client protection—as any countertop contractor should be—but also equipped with the knowledge, technologically advanced equipment, and talent to easily handle any countertop installation.

Granite Installation Experts

Eternally popular, granite is the king of countertops. Whether in tile or slab form, granite countertops need to be installed perfectly for their natural beauty to shine without any distracting flaws. Our team can help clients choose the best form of granite for their budgets, find the right material, and install it to perfection. Whether you’re looking for a seamless cooking prep space, a sink surround, or an attached backsplash, we have the know-how to make your granite feature the highlight of your room.

A Wide Inventory of Countertop Options

Our granite installations are undeniably superb, but our craftsmanship doesn’t begin and end with granite. We know that the various materials available for countertops can be confusing to sort through. Which will last the longest? Which requires the lowest maintenance? Which is non-porous? These are all important questions to ask, and we have the answers.

Ask us about:

  • Wood or butcher’s block countertops
  • Quartz countertops
  • Bamboo countertops
  • Corian or Silestone countertops
  • Stainless steel countertops
  • Marble countertops
  • Slate countertops
  • Recycled glass and glass countertops
  • Tile countertops
  • Concrete countertops

Experienced Concrete Countertop Contractors

Trust our concrete countertop contractors for ideal results and a statement look. The ultimate finished countertop requires specialized tools and materials, and we’re masters of them all. We keep our tools in peak condition so that we can follow the many steps to a masterful countertop installation to perfection.

Some of the specialized equipment we’ll use includes:

  • Countertop molds
  • A casting table
  • Concrete mixers
  • Countertop mix
  • Reinforcing materials, such as galvanized wire mesh, steel rebar, and carbon fiber grid
  • Color additives, pigments, and decorative add-ins
  • Bubble removing vibrators
  • Curing covers
  • Wet concrete polishers
  • Diamond grinding pads

A Countertop Installation Company Near You

We offer the local community a professional countertop installation experience. When you contact us, we’ll send our team to take measurements and establish the desired purpose and style of the countertop. We’ll also go over the ideal budget and timeframe. We conduct a preliminary consultation about optimal materials before calculating an estimate that reflects the products, labor, and overall installation scope.

Contact Us Now for Countertop Installation in Garland

Your new or replacement countertop deserves to be a focal point in the room it serves, whether you’re revamping the kitchen, bathroom, bar, or laundry room.

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